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Designers Talking About Type
Posted 10/30/15
Ongoing RGD Ontario Future By Design series on type. Go to Communication & Design.

Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Branding Review
Posted 10/03/15
The Greater Toronto Area hosted pan-continental sporting and culture event. Branding opportunities leaping everywhere in Toronto! See the results. Go to Communication & Design.

Times are Changing, So are Skills
Posted 07/17/15
Stay ahead of the machines. Author Marty Neumeier's masterplan for the new Metaskills. The latest On My Bookcase.

Designers Telling Stories
Posted 06/03/15
Ongoing RGD Ontario Future By Design series on technology and storytelling. Go to Communication & Design.

Douglas Coupland at MOCCA
Posted 04/15/15
MOCCA survey of work by visual artist Douglas Coupland. Go to Art.

DT 2014: Design Legends, Be Fearless & Junkin'
Posted 12/07/14
RGD Ontario's 15th annual conference Design Thinkers. Two days of design brilliance. Go to Communication & Design.

Cubicles, Swarming and DRIVE
Posted 10/02/14
Ongoing RGD Ontario Future By Design series on the future workplace environment. Go to Communication & Design.

Creative Confidence
Posted 09/30/14
Authors Tom and David Kelley leap into the creative mind — and show us how we can all be creative.
The latest On My Bookcase.

Creative Intelligence
Posted 05/13/14
Author Bruce Nussbaum on harnessing your Creative Intelligence. The latest On My Bookcase.

Engaging Consumers
Posted 05/12/14
Ongoing RGD Ontario Future By Design series on consumers, engagement and social media. Go to Communication & Design.

Mary Pratt in Fine Detail at McMichael
Posted 05/05/14
Canadian visual artist Mary Pratt at McMichael. Go to Art.

More on Design Thinking:
The Best of Rotman on Design
Posted 03/03/14
Rotman on Design is On My Bookcase.

Let's Work Together: Creative Collaboration
Posted 02/09/14
Ongoing RGD Ontario Future By Design series on working with collaborators. And making phone calls. Go to Communication & Design.

DT 2013: See. Hear. Engage.
Posted 11/20/13
RGD Ontario's 14th annual conference Design Thinkers. Two days of awesome inspiration. Go to Communication & Design.

Ideas: Into the Real World
Posted 11/12/13
Behance's Scott Belsky writes about Making Ideas Happen. His book is On My Bookcase.

Identity Design: Do We Still Need Style Guides?
Posted 09/27/13
Ongoing RGD Ontario Future By Design series on new challenges in identity design and branding. Go to Communication & Design.

Do Good Design isn't Enough:
Do Good
Posted 09/12/13
Polymath David Berman on the ad business, ethics, sustainability and much more. Do Good Design review On My Bookcase.

Summer 2013: ICA/Boston
Posted 09/03/13
Multidisciplinary artist Barry McGee at Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston. Go to Art.

Where Will You Play? How Will You Win?
Posted 07/17/13
Two industry leaders offer a playbook for winning. Playing to Win review On My Bookcase.

Understanding Data
Posted 06/12/13
RGD Ontario Future By Design series on the challenge of communicating complex data. Go to Communication & Design.

Problems, Problems
Posted 05/27/13
Common design challenges (trust me, they'll sound familiar) and workaround solutions. Problem Solved reviewed On My Bookcase.

Posted 04/23/13
Seen on buildings, online, in print, on vehicles; logos are everywhere. An ongoing miscellany of some of my favs.

Dair on Type, Re-released
Posted 03/07/13
Rod McDonald celebrates Canadian type pioneer Carl Dair and the re-release of design standard Design with Type. Go to Communication & Design.

Changing Visual Spaces
Posted 02/21/13
Ongoing RGD Ontario Future By Design series on the changing dynamics of our visual landscape. Go to Communication & Design.

Data Visualized
Posted 01/15/13
The Information Design Handbook reviewed On My Bookcase.

Leo Burnett: Moving the Human Race
Posted 12/06/12
HumanKind reviewed On My Bookcase.

DT 2012: Go Deep, Be Bold
Posted 11/19/12
RGD Ontario's 13th annual conference Design Thinkers. Two days packed with stimulating guest speakers. Go to Communication & Design.

Defining Art Direction
Posted 09/23/12
The Education of an Art Director reviewed On My Bookcase.

Graphic Designer: Teamworker and Change Agent
Posted 09/19/12
RGD Ontario Future By Design: The Next Designer panel discussion on the shifting characteristics of graphic designers. The details on C&D.

A New Branding Resource
Posted 07/12/12
Brand Bible reviewed On My Bookcase.

Method: People Against Dirty
Posted 03/22/12
The Method Method reviewed On My Bookcase.

Future by Design: The Evolving Visual Consumer
Posted 02/17/12
RGD Ontario and the Design Exchange panel discussion on the transformation of how people consume media. The details on C&D.

Thinking About Brand
Posted 02/16/12
Debbie Millman's one-on-one with branding-industry leaders and thinkers reviewed On My Bookcase.

Light, Spirit, Time, Place and Life: Jack Chambers at the AGO
Posted 02/04/12
A major collection of the Ontario artist's iconic work. Show details can be found in Art.

Innovation: Short and Sweet
Posted 01/20/12
Marty Neumeier's Whiteboard Overviews reviewed
On My Bookcase.

A Brand Resource Reimagined
Posted 12/30/11
Alina Wheeler's newest book Brand Atlas, featured
On My Bookcase.

Gotham to Gill: Type Rules!
Posted 12/08/11
Just My Type by Simon Garfield featured in Art.

Roger Martin on Design Thinking
Posted 11/18/11
The Design of Business reviewed On My Bookcase.

A Dashing Brit. The Genba. Connecting at Design Thinkers
Posted 11/08/11
Notes from RGD Ontario Design Thinkers 2011.
The details on C&D.

When Ideas Stick
Posted: 10/29/10
Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die reviewed on On My Bookcase.

Glimmer Moments
Posted: 09/09/11
Glimmer: How Design can Transform Your Life, Your Business, and Maybe Even the World reviewed On my Bookcase.

Reading Books: Paper and Pixels
Posted: 08/14/11
RGD Ontario and the Design Exchange panel discussion on book reading from paper to pixels. The details on C&D.

The Future of Brands:
All You Need is Love
Posted: 06/18/11
Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands reviewed On my Bookcase.

From Books to Labels:
The Best in Town
Posted 06/11/11
Check out Tom Culture's 'Best in Town' favs on Style.

Site Refresh: Bring on Tom Style
Posted: 06/05/11

The Power of Symbols:
Creating and Sustaining Brand Identity

Posted: 05/01/11
Designing Brand Identity reviewed On My Bookcase.

Cool Branding Webisode Series: OPEN Forum Project RE:Brand
Posted: 03/23/11
Learn more about these interesting case studies on Great Brands.

Navigating Canada's Brand Landscape
Posted: 03/16/11
Ikonica: A Field Guide to Canada's Brandscape reviewed On My Bookcase.

Epic & Iconographic: The Art of David Blackwood at the AGO
Posted: 03/07/11
Visual storyteller David Blackwood's first major exhibition in Canada. Show details can be found in Art.

Brands That Breakaway
Posted: 02/18/11
Arnold Worldwide ad agency leaders offer insights into successful brand strategies. The Breakaway Brand reviewed On My Bookcase.

Book Cover Designs & Designers
Posted: 01/07/11
Check out this great site for book cover designs and the designers who create them. Go to On My Bookcase.

Inside the World of Ad Men
Posted: 12/07/10
A popular radio program is published in print. The Age of Persuasion reviewed On My Bookcase.

RGD 2010 Design Thinkers
Posted: 11/29/10
RGD Ontario's 11th annual conference Design Thinkers. Two days packed with stimulating guest speakers. Go to Communication & Design.

Debbie Millman Looks Both Ways
Posted: 11/25/10
Multidisciplinary designer, brand expert and writer reviewed On My Bookcase.

Tom image Originally posted: 11/25/10

After much consideration TomCulture makes its debut on the worldwide electronic stage.

Where to begin? TomCulture is an extension of TomBranded.com, my online design portfolio. While building my web presence I considered how I might offer a brand extension of sorts; something personal that expressed more than portfolio samples and downloads. That's vital information for sure, but I wanted to tell my story in greater detail — on a different stage. What brands touch me? What did I see on the street that just stopped me in my tracks? What book or mag did I just pick up at SW_PE Books?

What has emerged is a personal sense of what I call 'culture.' TomCulture. I consider it an insight into my own personal brand. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you'll even come back and follow future posts. Go ahead, bookmark me! So, allow me to raise the curtain. Enjoy.

Tom Threndyle, RGD

A miscellany of sites that caught my attention. From great branding sites to Toronto's best lattés, find them here.

Modified: 05/07/11
A miscellany of quotes from branding industry leaders, thinkers, designers and writers.